Friday, February 10, 2023

So Much To Love This February

Cheeky Monkey Events is very proud to present our first ever Weekend Sales Event!  It will run 3 weekends a month and you can find us open Friday to Monday 12pm on the 10th, 17th and 24th this month.  Click HERE to come visit.  Everything is priced from 69L to 99L with Fat Packs/Full Sets at 50% Off.  You don't want to miss this 💖

We are also proudly bring you our first full region hunt with amazing prizes for Valentines Day.  Just look for the Cheeky Red Monkeys hiding all over the Region.  All prizes and hints are listed HERE.  We are also celebrating the 2nd Anniversary of our Grid Wide Hunts this Month with 'Love is All You Need 3'.

Don't forgot to stop by in our Cheeky WOW! Event while you are here with over 50 designers bringing you some incredible Fashion, Decor and more.

Thank you so much for stopping by and supporting our amazing Designers.
We appreciate you 💕

Sunday, January 8, 2023

New Year! New You? Come Find Your New Look At Cheeky WOW!


Hello and Happy New Year to you All.  We have so much exciting stuff coming your way this year and it is going to be our busiest year yet!

Our Cheeky WOW! Event has just opened for the Month with some stunning Decor, Fashion, Poses, Gestures... we cover it all!  Don't miss the Exclusives, 50% Discounted Items and 69L Specials.  Surrounding the Event is a wonderful mix of over 20 stores in the Mall.  We are blessed to have such a talented bunch of Creators all in one region.

Coming this February we introduce Cheeky Weekends!  A dedicated shopping area in the heart of our Mall.  More on that next month.

Our Hunts schedule has never been more busy with 12 Monthly Hunts, 5 Male Hunts and BRAND NEW this year we are introducing 6 Region Only Hunts within the Event Room and all over our Cheeky Region.  Our first is coming in February.  You can see our full schedule posted here on the Website.

Because I am very conscious of limited group space in SL, we run all our events with subscriber groups instead.  Feel free to tap a kiosk when you visit so you can get all the latest news each month.

Thank You So Much for visiting and supporting our Designers.
We appreciate you 💕

Tuesday, November 8, 2022

Excited!! Come Visit Our New Home


Cheeky WOW! Just keeps getting bigger and better and here we are in our very own region finally.  50 Designers each and every month at the Cheeky WOW! Event from 7th - 25th bring you Exclusives, Discounts, 69L Items and a ton of 50% Discounts at the Event Landing and around the Mall.

We also have some incredible shopping in our Mall with stores such as BlondeQueen, Bold Llama, Something New, GT Creative Design and MORE!  Plus our Main Stores, Mandilena Gestures, Starlight Apparel, Refugee Fashion and Adore Amore.  Plus Cheeky Monkey Monthly Hunts and Simply Skyboxes.

But... there is even MORE!  Come see our pretty woodland walk and picnic / hang out areas plus 5 beautiful lakeside homes are available to rent.  The return of Tootsie's Cat Cafe is coming soon with dance area and weekend DJs.  EXCITED!! :)

Come visit us here :)


Saturday, October 8, 2022

Spooky Exclusives at Cheeky WOW!


Second Life is definitely all about shopping this month with the Halloween Shop and Hop on until November 1st.  But here at Cheeky WOW! we are bringing our biggest selection yet of incredible designers with their many spooky offerings for Halloween month.  Do stop by and see the many 69L items, Discounts and Exclusives waiting for you.

Monday, August 8, 2022

Feeling the HEAT at Cheeky WOW!

Hi Everyone 💕  It's a long hot summer and we are only going to make it hotter when you come see all the amazingness in Cheeky WOW! this month!  Our Event Room is open now until the 25th August and we are packed with Exclusives, Gifts, Discounts and 69L Items.  Come visit us here.

Our Monthly Cheeky Monkey Hunt is also on with this round being chosen by out very own Cheeky Monkey Hunters who opted for 'A Few of Our Favorite Things'.  There are prizes and exclusives available and you can see the full guide and locations here.  The Men's Summer Edition Hunt is also still on until the end of the month.

Wishing you all an amazing Summer 🌞

Thursday, July 7, 2022

No Time For Summertime Blues!

Hiya Everyone ❤️  Here we are again (how is it July already!) with our 11th Round of the Cheeky WOW! Event!  Our current round is open NOW until the 25th July with a wonderful selection of decor, make up, clothing and much more!  We are proud to bring a wide range of Designers to you, some of which you may be discovering for the first time.  There are also some wonderful 50% discounts at the Event landing area and around the Mall if you have time for a wander...

Grab your Uber to the Cheeky WOW! Event
Cheeky WOW! Event Full Shopping Guide
50% Mall Sale Shopping Guide

If you love Second Life Hunts, we currently have a great Summer Hunt 'Life's a Beach 2' on until the end of July with 1L prizes and also some Exclusives only available in the Hunt.  

Life's a Beach 2 Hunt Hints

For all the Men in Second Life, we have not forgotten you!  We have a dedicated All Male Summer Hunt due to start on the 24th.  Hunt Hint page will go live nearer the time.

Have a wonderful Summer and Thank You for supporting all the Designers here at Cheeky WOW! Event and Cheeky Monkey Hunts ❤️


Friday, April 8, 2022

Spring is Here and We Have a Glam New Look!

Hi Everyone ♥  From this month onwards we have combined the Cheeky69 Sales Event into Cheeky WOW! so you can now expect to find a ton of Exclusives, Discounts, Gifts and 69L Items all waiting for you in our glam new Event Room.  We look forward to seeing you ♥.

Whilst you are here, do feel free to wander around our lovely Mall where several stores each month will be popping 50% deals outside their stores to catch your eye.

Grab your Uber to Cheeky WOW! Event
Cheeky WOW! Event Shopping Guide
WOW! Shopping Mall 50% Off Monthly Sale Shopping Guide

We are on the look out for Bloggers to join our team and there are limited spots left in May for Designers at affordable prices.  Come join us ♥.



So Much To Love This February

Cheeky Monkey Events is very proud to present our first ever Weekend Sales Event!  It will run 3 weekends a month and you can find us open F...